Radio Hire

We have a large stock of professional two way radios for hire.

VHF, UHF , Digital & Analogue are all available.

We like to keep our stock to one brand for consistency. This means that all batteries and chargers are compatible with every radio.

We use Kenwood Professional radios. Over the years we have found them to be the most reliable radio that we have ever used and even up against other market leader Motorola we would match them quality wise.

All analogue radios are inter compatible, so if you have a system and require extra radios we can tune our radios to your frequency.

Digital radios have two technologies and you have to match them to be compatible. We use DMR which is the most common and also used by Motorola.

If you hire our radios, all are preprogrammed with at least 6 frequencies but more are available if required.


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